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Omis is an ancient city located at the mouth of the river Cetina. The city is located about 25 km southeast of Split, the second largest city in Croatia. Medici are only 11 km far from Omis and it is a city that is closest to Medici.

History of Omis is dating back to the 6th century. Church of St. Euphemia, which located in Omis, is one of the oldest in Croatia. Omis is perhaps best known for its notorious pirates, the Corsairs of Almissa, Omis Old City (radicevic)who ruled this part of the coast in the middle ages. Pirates have had their famous ships "Sagittas", which were designed for the attacks and quickly retreat inside the canyon of Cetina where they guarded the city from outside intruders. Important historic monuments in Omis are Church of St. Peter in the 10th century, fortress Mirabella from 13th century, the fortress Fortica from the 15th century, the Church of the Holy Spirit from 15th century and Franciscan monastery from the 18th century.

Nature is really beautiful in Omis. Omis is situated at the mouth of the Cetina River and is surrounded by mountains. It's an amazing combination of sea, rivers and mountains. Cetina is cleanest rivers in Croatia, with the monumental canyon. About 6 kilometers from Omis, on omis cetina rafting (radicevic)Cetina is the famous resort Radmanove Mlinice. Radmanove Mlinice can be visited by the ships, which can be rented at the mouth of the river Cetina, and various boats drives tourists on a trips to the canyon of Cetina every day. Cetina is ideal for rafting, canoeing and kayaking. Omis is great resort for an active vacation. In addition to the aforementioned rafting, canoeing and kayaking, canyon is ideal for rock climbing. Here you can walk and ride a bike around the Cetina canyon or you can hike. You can rent diving equipment, you can take a drive in a paraglider and lot more. And with various beaches Omis is great for active holidays, or if you just want to take a break and enjoy in tranquility in tipical Dalmatian town.

Omis is known for its cultural summer. The central part offestival of the dalmatian a cappella singing the cultural summer is Festival of the Dalmatian a cappella singing groups. Of the more recent events, most famous is the battle of pirates. Battle of the pirates is a reconstruction of the battle of the 13th century in which pirates of Omis had clashed with the Venetians. It is a real attraction and every year it attracts more than 10 000 visitors.

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